Workshop on Wireless Motion Capture & Localization

This workshop will host researchers and engineers interested in the emerging technologies and applications for wireless motion capture and fine-scale wireless localization. Workshop presentations will explore technical issues relevant to new wireless motion capture, fine-scale localization, gesture recognition, tomography, and related technologies.

Organizers: Cheng Qi (Cognosos), Andrea Motroni (University of Pisa)

Submissions to IEEE RFID Conference are open through EDAS. Please, click on the button below to submit your paper. The IEEE RFID 2022 accepts paper submissions formatted in the IEEE conference style.
Manuscripts should be 2-6 pages, submitted by the advertised conference deadline (February 7, 2022, February 14, 2022, February 21, 2022).

Topics Include

– Wireless Motion Capture Systems
– Fine-scale Localization
– Robotics
– RFID Tracking Applications
– SAR and Radar-based Techniques
Hardware Demonstrations Welcome!
– Gesture Recognition
– RFID-based Positioning
– Doppler-Based Techniques
– Drones and Vehicles
– RF/mm-Wave Imaging
– Hybrid Localization Techniques

Types of Submissions: 

Papers (2-6 pages, peer-reviewed, submissions due 14 February 2022)
Abstracts (half-page, lightly reviewed)
Panel Discussions

Additional Submission Information

The IEEE RFID 2022 Workshop on Wireless MoCap accepts several submission types:
Abstracts: lightly-reviewed summaries of proposed oral or poster presentations.  Submit abstracts via e-mail to
Full Papers: peer-reviewed manuscripts intended for publication on IEEExplore.  Manuscripts should be 2-6 pages, submitted by the advertised conference deadline (21 February 2022).  See the submission guidelines page for more details.
Tutorials:  proposals for tutorials on the relevant Wireless MoCap workshop topics.  Submit a written summary, expected duration, expected technical background of attendees, prior presentations by presenter of similar tutorials, and speaker bio.  Submit proposals via e-mail to
Demonstrations: proposals for software/hardware demonstrations, including a written summary, power needs, and any other special requirements for presentation.  Submit proposals via e-mail to