Poster Printing

Optional On-Site Printing

RFID 2022 has arranged for a poster printing option.  This allows both virtual posters to have a physical presence and for in-person attendees to avoid having to carry their poster.. 

1) Go here
2) Select the size you prefer and place your order by May 6.
3) Upload a pdf of your poster.  You can save from Powerpoint to pdf.
4) Add the following in the Notes/Requests field to ensure free ground shipping as a group. Just write  “RFID2022 conference in Las Vegas. Local contact:” and your poster will be delivered to our staff.
5) Be sure to add the promo code “RFID10” when you see your Shopping cart and enter your email address before Checkout.
6) Enter your payment info
7) In case you need local shipping info:

Country: United States
Full Name: Brendan Morris
Phone: 702-774-1480
Company name: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Street address: 4505 S Maryland Parkway Box 454026
City: Las Vegas
Zip: 89154-2026
State: Nevada