Hybrid event!

IEEE RFID 2022 is pleased to inform you that the conference will be held in a hybrid mode to allow even those attending from home maximum content enjoyment.

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TUTORIAL: RFID as Ambient Data – PDF slides of Jeffrey Dungen’s talk are available here!
Jeffrey DungenreelyActive

There are tens of billions of standard radio-identifiable things shipping annually in the form of RAIN RFID (passive) tags and Bluetooth Low Energy (active) transceivers. In any given physical space today, it is not uncommon to discover such radio-identifiable things, often in the tens and even hundreds. The opportunistic discovery, identification, location and interpretation of sensor data from these RFID devices represents ambient data, which affords computers the ability to make sense of the physical spaces they occupy. In this tutorial we’ll examine the collection and interpretation of ambient data from RFID, including the lookup of digital twins and the combination of data collected independently by co-located systems, leading to the concept of collective hyperlocal context

Full program

Full program is available here.

Digital Spectrum Twinning Workshop!

Download the final program for the Digital Spectrum Twinning Workshop. Selected speakers listed below:

Adam Drobot
Monisha Ghosh
Notre Dame U.
Megan Brewster
Grant Lohsen
Seyed “Reza” Zekavat
Worcester Poly. U.
Vartan Piroumian
VP Consulting

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Announcing keynote speakers for the IEEE RFID 2022 conference in Las Vegas, NV:

Autonomous Retail
and Factories

Prof. Edwin Kan
Cornell University
mm-Wave RFID
Dr. Aline Eid
MIT Media Lab
National Radio
Dynamic Zones

Prof. Chris Anderson
US Naval Academy


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The 16thIEEE International Conference on RFID (IEEE RFID 2022) is an opportunity to share, discuss, and witness research results in all areas of RFID technologies and their applications.

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The 16th Annual Conference on RFID will be held in Las Vegas, 17-19 May 2022 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center (393 Frank Sinatra Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89119).

The Conference will be held in hybrid mode, so that both physical and virtual attendees are allowed.

Once again the conference is co-located with RFID Journal LIVE!